There is a risk that you will celebrate Christmas with a stolen Christmas tree. At least if you don't carefully check where your Christmas tree comes from, according to Ulf Jacobsson, a spruce grower.

"I hope customers ask where the tree comes from," he says.

Ulf Jacobsson grows several different varieties of spruce and in December he sells them from his sales point in Malmö. But when he was about to open for the day on Friday, he saw that the lattice fence had been broken up and that 50 Norway spruce trees were gone.

"They weigh a total of 750 kg, so they must have had a trailer and driven them away," he says.

"Ask where the tree comes from"

The stolen spruce trees have a value of SEK 20,000 and are probably sold on illegally. Something Ulf Jacobsson is now urging people to be aware of.

"Ask where the Christmas tree comes from and pay by card," is Ulf Jacobsson's advice.

The chances of recovering the Christmas trees are very small.

"How do you prove that it's my trees? That's a lot of money that I've lost on this.

Watch Ulf Jacobsson tell the story in the clip above