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The Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), broadcast a video clip that included images of what it said was the failure of an attempt to free a captured Israeli soldier in the Gaza Strip, at dawn on Friday.

Al-Qassam said that the clip was to "thwart a Zionist attempt to reach one of the prisoners, which led to the death of the prisoner soldier Sa'ar Baruch (24 years old) and the infliction of the Zionist force between dead and wounded and their escape from the place."

The video began with a recording of the murdered prisoner Sa'ar Baruch identifying himself at the age of 24 and saying that he was a resident of the Kibbutz (settlement) of Be'eri and captured on October 40, stating that he had been captured <> days ago in Gaza and wanted to return home.

According to al-Qassam in the video, an Israeli occupation force "infiltrated at half past two in the morning to the place of detention of the prisoner through an ambulance, hiding behind humanitarian organizations in flagrant violation of international law, and that the force was discovered and dealt with by fire."

The clip showed traces of the blood of the infiltrating force and various pieces of its equipment seized by the Qassam, and a picture of the captured soldier Sa'ar after he was killed.

The Israeli military spokesman recently announced that two Israeli soldiers were seriously wounded in an operation he said was aimed at freeing detainees in the Gaza Strip.

This was preceded by the announcement by the spokesman for the Qassam Brigades that an attempt to free the captured soldier Sa'ar Baruch had been thwarted, and that the operation resulted in the death of the soldier, and that other prisoners were killed and wounded by Israeli shelling.

Source : Al Jazeera