The fourth candidate debate between the opposition party and the Republican Party was held for next year's US presidential election. With the first round of the party's nominee selection coming up next month, each candidate emphasized their differences with the party's front-runner, former President Donald Trump.

In preparation for the presidential election next fall, the fourth debate in which the main Republican candidates participate was held in southern Alabama on the 4th, hosted by the American media "News Nation".

Four candidates participated in the debate, narrowed down based on opinion polls and other factors, but former President Donald Trump, the party's front-runner, was absent for the fourth time in a row.

Florida Governor DeSantis, who is currently in second place in the average approval rating of a poll of Republican supporters, was asked about the age of Trump, who is currently 2 years old, and said, "It's time to choose the next generation of leaders who can move this country forward.

Former U.N. Ambassador Haley, who came third in the polls, emphasized that "Trump has caused chaos in the Republican Party, but that won't win the Democrats.

However, within the Republican Party, Mr. Trump maintains an advantage, trailing Mr. DeSantis and others by more than 3 points on average in opinion polls.

The caucuses in the Midwestern state of Iowa, the first race of the Republican nominee selection, are scheduled for the 45th of next month, and each candidate is appealing to his differences in an attempt to close the gap with Mr. Trump.