A recent photo of the cucuk of Kocukaya (Turkish newspaper Sabah)

ISTANBUL – Turkish media, led by the newspaper "Sabah", which is close to the Turkish government, confirmed that the Turkish intelligence service (MIT) has handed over its final report related to the case of Turkish investigator Selcuk Kocukaya, who is accused of collaborating with the Israeli intelligence service (Mossad) to the Turkish Court of Justice.

The Turkish authorities arrested Kocukaya and 17 others on charges of cooperating with the Mossad, providing information that would harm Turkish national security, and monitoring some Palestinian figures in Turkey last May.

The Turkish intelligence report, which I handed over to the court after completing all the necessary investigations, showed Kocukaya's involvement in direct cooperation with the Mossad, which established an intelligence network of Turks and foreigners inside Turkey, in which he receives classified information in exchange for money using intelligence methods.

The report added that the Mossad used the Kocukaya Encyclopedia to obtain data from public institutions, in preparation for committing murders, kidnappings and threats to specific figures inside Turkey, and the report also proved the existence of recordings of the accused while planning to commit crimes.

The report pointed out that the main goal of the Kocukaya cell was to create a perception in local and international public opinion that it is not possible to protect the personal data of foreigners in Turkey or ensure their safety of life, in addition to showing Turkey as a zone of operations for foreign countries, noting that this situation poses a threat to the internal and external political interests of the state.

Confession and denial

Kocukaya had admitted that a former Turkish military officer affiliated with Fethullah Gulen's group, the leader of Turkey's 2016 coup, had linked him to the Mossad, who asked him to monitor Palestinian, Iranian and Lebanese figures and gather intelligence on a Turkish electricity company.

Kojokaya denied the charges against him and his previous confessions on the grounds that she was under torture and trauma, and said that a company contacted him via email and asked him for some information in exchange for money, and that he did not know that this was against the law.

In the same context, the Turkish Court of Justice panel ruled to refer the case file to the prosecutor to see the details of the case, and also ordered the extension of the defendants' detention.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday that Israel would pay a heavy price if it dared to assassinate members of the Islamist group Hamas in Turkey.

This came after the head of Israel's Shin Bet security service spoke of directives from the government to pursue Hamas leaders everywhere, citing countries including Turkey.

Source : Al Jazeera