It will be about four-day VIP tickets to a value of SEK 5,000 that have been distributed to several politicians.

According to the municipality of Sölvesborg, the tickets are part of the original agreement with Sweden Rock, which was signed in 1999.

– There is an unofficial agreement between Sweden Rock and Sölvesborg municipality that they get a pot of VIP tickets that they get every year, but they are not documented or registered anywhere, but they have put the lid on all these years, says the municipality's auditor Jimmy Kärnerup, who is one of those who raised the alarm, to P4 Blekinge.

Tickets for a quarter of a million

Around 20 politicians are said to have visited this year's festival and a total of 50 tickets are said to have been included in the pot, which has a value of a quarter of a million kronor.

According to the politicians, the tickets are used to make study visits and municipal commissioner Kith Mårtensson (M) is surprised by the investigation.

"I'm sure they're justified in their assessment, but for me it's just sad to put resources into this," she told the radio station.