Since the end of October, there has been a long-drawn-out strike against Tesla, as the car company refuses to sign a collective agreement with IF Metall.

Tesla has sued Postnord because Postnord did not deliver the car company's license plates, because the mail carriers and other employees are members of unions that are on sympathy strike with IF Metall.

In its statement to the district court, Postnord wrote that the company cannot order its employees to deliver mail to Tesla.

"PostNord's position in a conflict that we fundamentally stand outside has been that the right to strike is constitutionally protected and therefore applies over the delivery obligation in the Postal Act," the company wrote in a press release.

Tesla, on the other hand, wrote in its lawsuit that Postnord acted "almost system-threatening" by, among other things, "seizing shipments". The U.S. automaker summed it up as a "targeted and unlawful attack on Tesla."

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Tesla's conflict with IF Metall – summarized in 60 seconds. Photo: Photo: SVT