• "I was the one who endured the echo of my name everywhere": has Malú marked a Shakira with her latest song?
  • Raro Malú speaks, for the first time, about her breakup with Albert Rivera: "It's nobody's fault, it's not bad or good, it just happens"

She is celebrating her silver anniversary with music and, therefore, after 13 studio albums and a long maternity leave, Malú (41) decided to re-record A todo sí, a compilation to celebrate her anniversary. In Travelling with Chester, the Spaniard opened up against Risto Mejide (49). As he has commented, with each song he has put a little piece of his life, so when reviewing his catalog for the new recording, "I have realized that I have a song for every moment of my life".

Unwilling to talk about her privacy, the singer decided to verbalize what motherhood is and, above all, what her relationship with Albert Rivera (44) has been like, which began in December 2018 on the occasion of Alejandro Sanz's (50) 55th birthday and ended last June. The couple had their only daughter, Lucia, on June 6, 2020. In a not-so-veiled way, she stated the reason why she had separated: "I think that the arrival of a child multiplies what was in the couple considered as the good and the bad. I also think it separates a lot if the two people aren't in the same place. It creates a world," the "Ausente" singer revealed.

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Regarding whether she has taken advantage of the pain of her separation to "mark a Shakira" with the lyrics of that song, she commented that "I have done what I have done all my life, tell a reality, tell a pain." Fully immersed in her role as a mother, Paco de Lucía's niece forgot about the paraphernalia of the audience and the lights, but "I missed the stage. I've invested three years of parenting. I loved it, even though it was exhausting. I've looked in the mirror again three years later. My body was asking me to go out, to enjoy myself."

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He wanted her to be delivered by cesarean section, but in the end it was a 12-hour natural birth because the baby fit together. On the one hand, it was the happiest moment of her life, but on the other, there was some sadness because the father of the childcould not be present due to the protocol at the height of the pandemic.

In this regard, Malú wanted to put on the table a subject that is practically taboo in society, such as the mental health of women who have just given birth. She confessed that "I loved my baby, I loved her, but there was a disconnect between my body, my baby and myself. It was hard. We have the image that we give birth and we look great, like doing sit-ups. I came out of the birth horrified," she laughed, recalling that moment.

From today, December 7, tickets are on sale for his tour A todo sí. 25 years of apprenticeship. At the moment, the artist has not rebuilt her love life because her daughter is her priority 100%, but the former politician has already been photographed affectionately next to fashion designer and influencer Carla Cotterli (35).

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