Jean Zeid 06:52, 07 December 2023

Every morning, Jean Zeid delivers the best in terms of innovation. This Thursday, he returns to the initiative of Euriel Morvézen, she decided to bring up to date the wool duvets made in France with her brand Loulenn.

This Thursday morning, we're not going to help listeners get out of the duvet.

We are going to talk about duvets this morning, with an initiative of a Toulouse, Euriel Morvézen, who decided with her brand Loulenn to bring wool back to France.

We do not produce wool in France?

14,000 tons of sheared wool are produced each year in France, but more than 80% is exported to Asia for processing, barely 4% of this wool valued locally, for lack of outlets. But that's not the only obstacle: 95% of our duvets contain synthetic. Euriel Morvézen, she decided to bring wool duvets made in France up to date.

After spending 20 years in the world of international freight transport and five years in Australia, the world's leading wool producer, she launched her company Loulenn in 2020 and offers duvets and pillows filled with French wool from the Alps and the Massif Central. Another particularity: they are assembled by two workshops certified as a Living Heritage Company and located in the Vaucluse as well as two service and assistance through work establishments (Esat).

Manufactured without chemicals or endocrine disruptors.

What special virtues does this wool have?

It is one of the most recyclable natural fibers in the world. It is part of a short circuit logic thanks to its local production. It breaks down easily. The environmental cost is low. It's almost an infinite amount of material since Loulenn has set up a deposit system. When the consumer considers that his duvet or pillow is at the end of its life, he returns it free of charge and then receives a voucher. The recovered materials are then used to make another duvet, a blanket or a mattress topper.

My duvets are packed in a duffel bag, made of fabric and reusable and the plaids in kraft paper

And it's expensive?

More expensive than e-commerce duvets, about 230 euros per duvet. This does not prevent the brand from selling hundreds of them and having launched a collection for children a few months ago.

To continue the development of her company, the boss of Loulenn plans to raise funds in order to recruit. The founder aims to reach 20,000 sleepers by 2025.