It was in November that the police searched an apartment in Tomtebo. In the home, the police found large amounts of amphetamines.

Two men in their 40s were arrested and detained on suspicion of serious drug offences.

At the beginning of December, another man was arrested and linked to the case. He is requested to be detained for two counts of narcotics offences, receiving stolen goods, aggravated domestic violence and attempted aggravated narcotics offences.

According to investigator Thomas Palmgren, the police suspect that more people are involved.

"We are sparse with the details because we are still at such an early stage of the investigation.

All the suspects in the case have been convicted of drug offences in the past.

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There have been record-breaking seizures of narcotics in Västerbotten this year. Hear from the Chief of Police about this. Photo: Tommy Forsgren/SVT