, December 12 Comprehensive Taiwan media reported that the Kuomintang "legislator" candidates Xu Qiaoxin, You Shuhui and Zhang Sigang held a press conference on the 7th, pointing out that the DPP authorities let the people eat Lai pig and nuclear food, and they still could not be included in the first round of negotiations of the US IPEF at such a political price, and criticized the DPP for weaving lies from beginning to end.

According to reports, the Kuomintang revealed a 6 contact form for the foreign-related work of Taiwan's administrative departments on the 2022th, which pointed out that during the DPP's candidate for deputy leader of the Taiwan region, Xiao Meiqin, met with the United States with "political councilor" Deng Zhenzhong, hoping to strive for the Taiwan region to be included in the first round of negotiations on the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF), but did not receive a response in the end. The internal document also pointed out that Taiwan still cannot be invited to pay the political price of opening up Laizhu and Japan's nuclear food, indicating that the United States does not support Taiwan's entry into regional economic integration.

Xu Qiaoxin believes that from the document, it can be seen that in April 2022, including Xiao Meiqin and others, they already knew that Laizhu and nuclear food paid a lot of political costs, but the United States still does not support Taiwan's participation in regional economic integration. She pointed out that the DPP authorities' boast of "the best Taiwan-US relations in history" has gone so far as to grovel and flatter in private, and the "Taiwan war cat" has become "the favorite of the United States."

You Shuhui bitterly criticized that the DPP has been preaching and weaving lies from beginning to end, and Xiao Meiqin's "diplomatic achievements" are "wishful thinking", wishful thinking, wishful thinking, wishful thinking to pay the political price, and then wishful thinking to publicize the internal propaganda.

Zhang Sigang said that when the Lai Pig was opened, the DPP said that the anti-Lai pig and anti-Lai agent were anti-American, and that not opening the Lai Pig would cause trade barriers, but this document clearly slapped the DPP's internal propaganda at that time. Taiwan naively believes that if it opens up Lai's pigs, nuclear food, and buys arms purchases, the United States will help Taiwan "speak up" and "remove obstacles," but it seems that it has not received a trace of warmth from all its efforts.

Taiwan's "United Daily News" commented that if the Taiwan authorities put all their eggs in one basket, the economy and trade will only be trapped under the protective umbrella of the United States and will be completely under the command of the "big brother of the United States." This is Taiwan's current predicament.