, Hong Kong, December 12 (Reporter Han Xingtong) The Longines International Jockey Championship was held at Hong Kong Happy Valley Racecourse on the evening of December 7, and Hong Kong jockey Ho Chak-yiu defeated 12 global and local athletes to win the championship, becoming the first Chinese jockey to win the championship.

It is reported that as a prelude to international competitions, the Longines International Jockeys Championship was established in the 1998/1999 racing season. The championship is one of the world's most prestigious and most lucrative Jockey Championships, with a total prize fund of HK$4.750 million (HK$) across the four Wizards' Championships. The top 3 jockeys will also receive a total of $100 million in prize money, including $60,25 for the champion, $15,<> for the runner-up and $<>,<> for the third runner-up.

This year's championship featured eight overseas jockeys and four jockeys riding in Hong Kong, with Ho Chak-yiu being the only locally-trained Chinese jockey selected to participate in the event. Overseas jockeys come from the UK, France, Germany, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Ho Zeyao won the Longines International Jockeys Championship with 4 points in four races, and he was the first Chinese jockey to win the championship. Another Hong Kong jockey, Panton, and Australian jockey, Maggie Kim, finished second and third respectively.

Fok Kai-kong of the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China and Lee Tsz-hou, Chairman of The Hong Kong Jockey Club, presented the trophy, silver whip and cash money to the champion Ho Chak-yiu.

Ho was delighted with his first victory, saying: "I just worked hard to run every race and didn't count the points before the race, so I was a little overjoyed to win the title, and now it can be said that my dream has come true. This win can show the rising stars that if they study hard, they can also win in the future. (ENDS)