Ashraf al-Qudra: The health situation in the southern Gaza Strip is no better than the north (social media)

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, Dr. Ashraf al-Qidra, said that the Israeli occupation deliberately liquidates the medical system in the northern Gaza Strip, which is now without health coverage for more than 500,<> people, in line with Israel's policy of forced displacement of the population.

He added the ability – in a special statement to Al Jazeera Net – that the Israeli occupation forced those in Kamal Adwan Hospital to get out of it under the force of arms and continuous bombardment, and the Baptist Hospital lost the medical capacity and absorptive completely, where the wounded bleed to death for lack of health services.

The spokesman pointed out that the Ministry of Health "is trying to operate any section of the Shifa Medical Complex, such as emergency, operations or intensive care to save what can be saved, but the operation of this hospital is facing great difficulties after it was destroyed by the occupation significantly," and now "the working parts in it have become the only operating health platform in the northern Gaza area."

Al-Qudra called on UN institutions to urgently intervene to protect the health system in all hospitals in the northern Gaza Strip, especially the Shifa Medical Complex, and "work to provide the necessary support for them in terms of medicines, medical supplies and fuel, so that we can provide life-saving health service for the wounded and sick."

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health pointed out that the northern Gaza Strip area is now being exterminated collectively, as there is a concentrated targeting of residential neighborhoods and the dropping of houses on the heads of their residents, and there is no place to reach to receive health services, and therefore we will witness a significant loss of life during this period.

He's no better off.

Al-Qudra said that the southern Gaza Strip "is not better, and the health situation there is very catastrophic, and we fear a repeat of the scenario of the north of the Strip in its south," because the Israeli occupation is currently escalating military attacks on the Khan Yunis area.

He pointed out that the occupation attacks push the population to flee towards the southern region, and the only hospital that works in it is the Nasser Medical Complex, which is the largest in the region, and we fear that the occupation will implement a scenario similar to what happened in the hospitals of Al-Shifa, Indonesian or Baptist.

Regarding the health situation in the Rafah area, the spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza said that this area does not have appropriate medical services for the huge number of displaced people, and only 3 small and limited hospitals are available, and therefore the health reality - whether in the north or south of the Gaza Strip - faces a real liquidation by the Israeli occupation forces, which want to end the health presence inside the Strip with the lack of any medical services.

Source : Al Jazeera