Jean-Baptiste Marty // Photo credits: Dimitar DILKOFF / AFP 06:15, 07 December 2023

The Eiffel Tower terrorist will be transferred to one of the six radicalization assessment districts that exist in France. The detainees there are either already convicted of terrorism or, as in the case of Armand Rajabpour-Miyandoab, incarcerated even though he has not yet been tried.

French-Iranian Armand Rajabpour-Miyandoab was indicted and placed in solitary confinement Wednesday night by an anti-terrorism investigating judge for the fatal knife attack on Saturday night in Paris, near the Eiffel Tower. The 26-year-old man was charged with murder and attempted murder, in connection with a terrorist enterprise and a repeat offender, and criminal terrorist association, said his lawyer Clémentine Perros.

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Three months

He will therefore find a path that he already knows well, that of prison, having already been convicted in 2016, and more precisely the path of one of the six radicalisation assessment wards. The detainees there are either already convicted of terrorism or, as in the case of Armand R. He is expected to stay there for about three months. The 27-year-old terrorist will therefore be taken care of by specialized teams with educators, psychologists and mediators of the religious fact. The goal? Assess the degree of radicalization.

With regard to the conditions of detention, he will be isolated from the other sections of the prison and in the corridors one cell out of three is occupied to avoid any communication. At the end of the 3 months and therefore of his evaluation, Armand R. will either be placed in ordinary detention if he does not show signs of radicalization or dangerousness, or in solitary confinement if he behaves aggressively, or, in the case of strong ideological impregnation, in one of the six radicalization management units. A neighborhood that he knows well and which has therefore not allowed him to be deradicalized.