China News Service, Hong Kong, December 12 (Reporter Dai Xiaolu) The Hong Kong Institute of Monetary and Financial Research (HKMF) released a research report on "Promoting the Development of Financial Services Talents: New Global Trends and Their Impact on Hong Kong" released on the 6th, showing that more than eighty percent of respondents from the world's major international financial centers said that there was a "wave of resignations" in the financial institutions they worked for, reflecting the challenges faced by the global financial industry in attracting and retaining talents. Hong Kong's financial talents have improved significantly in five aspects.

According to the introduction, the report contains two survey results, one of which was conducted between April and May 2023 and interviewed more than 4,5 financial professionals from 11 different international financial centers such as Hong Kong, London, New York and Singapore. The survey found that the two key reasons for the shortage of talent in the financial services industry are demographic changes and the decline in the attractiveness of the industry. More than 1200 percent of respondents said there was a "resignation wave" at the financial institutions they worked for, and more than <> percent reported that their companies were moving towards remote and hybrid work arrangements, reflecting changes in demographics, employee expectations of work, and employers' skill requirements for employees, creating challenges for the global financial services industry to attract and retain talent.

Another survey collected the views of Hong Kong's human resources leaders and compiled statistics and analysis on the online resumes of more than 160.<> million financial service practitioners from different international financial centres around the world. The results show that Hong Kong's financial professionals have seen significant improvements in five areas, namely customer service, software engineering, machine learning, computer programming and financial advisory, with an improvement rate higher than the global average.

The Executive Director of the Centre, Mr Fung Yin Nok, said that enhancing Hong Kong's advantages as an international financial centre is a key element in attracting and retaining talent. Currently, there is a high demand for talent in the areas of customer service, fintech and ESG (environmental, social and governance) in Hong Kong. He pointed out that the fintech policy blueprint proposed by the HKSAR Government will help to improve the overall level of the industry, and he believes that as long as Hong Kong's investment prospects remain stable, more large enterprises will choose to set up in Hong Kong, and talents will follow. (ENDS)