Olivier Delacroix SEASON 2023 - 202405h00, 07 December 2023

Vincent's life was turned upside down the day he became a quadriplegic following a motorcycle accident. Today, he is walking in defiance of doctors' pessimistic prognosis. He tells his story to Olivier Delacroix in this episode of the podcast "Dans les yeux d'Olivier" produced by Europe 1 Studio. In 2008, Vincent was 36 years old. A young CEO and just a father, Vincent lives a life at 100 miles an hour. But on March 28, 2008, his life was turned upside down. Vincent has a serious motorcycle accident, he is completely paralyzed. His spinal cord was affected, and the doctors were adamant that Vincent was a quadriplegic and would no longer be able to move his limbs. For Vincent, there was no question of letting himself be defeated. He continues to run his business remotely. That's when the thirty-year-old's steely mind pays off. Little by little, he manages to move his extremities until he can stand, then walk and drive... In this episode of the podcast "Dans les yeux d'Olivier" produced by Europe 1 Studio, Vincent talks about his accident, his rehabilitation and his future projects.

Dans les yeux d'Olivier is a Europe 1 Studio podcast

Presenter: Olivier Delacroix - Director: Kevin Housty - Producer: Fannie Rascle and Clémence Olivier - Writing and distribution: Lisa Soster - Graphic design: Cosa Vostra

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