Zhengzhou, December 12 (Wang Yu) The three-day 7 World 2023G Conference opened in Zhengzhou, Henan Province on the 5th. During the conference, when a reporter from Chinanews.com visited the 6G achievement exhibition area, it was found that major operators showed the new trend of digital life in the future around smart cities, smart medical care, smart cars and other fields.

The picture shows the 5G intelligent four-legged robot in the exhibition area. Photo by Wang Yu

ZTE has participated in the World 5G Conference for five consecutive times, and the company is currently conducting in-depth research and development in the two directions of connectivity and computing power to promote the integrated development of digital technology and industry.

According to Ning Xiangdong, chief engineer of industrial digitalization at ZTE, in the metaverse, people can experience interacting with digital cultural relics, digital landscapes, and digital collections in the virtual world through XR terminals or mobile phones, as well as digital courseware and interactive training. In the digital commercial complex, people can also play different roles to experience virtual treasure hunts and online shopping.

"In the future, metaverse technology will penetrate into everyone's daily life, providing people with a new digital lifestyle, providing more entrepreneurship and employment opportunities for the society, and jointly promoting the rapid development of the digital economy." Ning Xiangdong said.

In the mobile cloud VR product exhibition area, the reporter participated in a cross-time space walk through the bit clone and experienced the magic charm of 5G intelligent technology in real time.

Liu Yutong, an operations staff member of Henan Mobile, said that during the shuttle process, users can not only watch rich 3D programs, but also experience panoramic interactive videos and popular games, and can also experience a new way to watch the metaverse on the mobile cloud VR headset.

The picture shows the staff demonstrating the results of laparoscopic 5G application. Photo by Wang Yu

In the 5G+ smart medical device exhibition area, the staff extended the laparoscope into the inside of the pumpkin, and every inch of the "melon" was clearly visible on the screen. According to reports, this is a 5G+4K fluorescence intelligent remote endoscopic system.

According to Wang Minggang, deputy general manager of Xuanyi Medical Group, in the past, the incision area of laparotomy treatment was large, and the damage to the patient was very large, but laparoscopy minimizes the patient's trauma and pain by opening a small incision. "Our simulated clinical diagnosis and treatment operating room, through the 5G+4K fluorescence intelligent remote endoscopic system, can be autofocus with one key, four imaging modes, adapt to more surgical scenarios, and help accurate hierarchical diagnosis and treatment."

"In telemedicine training, 5G can also play a big role." Qiao Yuanfeng, chairman of Xuanfu Medical Group, told reporters that the 5G intelligent cardiopulmonary resuscitation teaching and training system can effectively warn candidates with operation problems, even if the teacher is not on site, the teacher can also be remotely guided through video push, which solves the multiple "pain points" of telemedicine training, and the accuracy can be greatly improved.

The picture shows a driverless passenger car using 5G technology. Photo by Wang Yu

On the other side, a Yutong intelligent networked bus "Xiaoyu" attracted everyone to watch. Liang Dong, an autonomous driving safety officer of Yutong Bus Intelligent Network Department, said that "Xiaoyu" is a L4 autonomous driving minibus developed by Yutong Bus for the future travel of smart cities, after years of careful research, the vehicle automatic driving technology has realized the functions of autonomous overtaking, autonomous lane changing, autonomous identification of traffic lights, autonomous pit stops, automatic charging, etc., and has the ability to open roads in the city, complex traffic flows, and all-weather automatic driving capabilities.

Inside the exhibition hall, Qianxin Q-GPT security robot attracted the attention of reporters. How powerful is it? Yuan Yiyi, the person in charge of Qi'anxin Technology Group Co., Ltd., introduced that a digital enterprise with 3000,10 people has an average of about 10 billion logs per day, generating about 200,30 alarms, and if manual labor is used, more than 6000 experts are needed, and more than <> million yuan is required at a cost of <>,<> yuan per person per year.

"But if you choose Qianxin security robots, the efficiency of each robot is equivalent to more than 60 experts, which can generate about 2000 million yuan of operational benefits, which greatly saves human capital." Yuan Yichi said.

At the 2023 World 5G Conference, the "Top 5 <>G Application Cases" were announced, covering agriculture, industry, healthcare, finance, education, transportation, cultural tourism and other fields. Through these cases, it can be found that "digital" has become or will soon become the main way of life of people. (ENDS) (ENDS)