Injuries to the eyes of Israeli soldiers caused by explosions, live ammunition and flying shrapnel (Getty Images)

About 100 Israeli soldiers were seriously injured in the eyes due to the lack of protective glasses during the battles waged by the occupation army in the Gaza Strip, according to state media on Wednesday evening.

The official Israel Broadcasting Corporation said that these injuries to the eyes of soldiers were caused by explosions, gunshots and flying shrapnel, as a result of not wearing protective glasses that protect the eyes, noting that between 10 and 15% of these injuries led to blindness in one or both eyes.

The broadcaster explained that these soldiers neglected the use of goggles during military activity, and the occupation army denied the existence of a shortage of goggles, and said that it is working to increase awareness campaigns among soldiers to use them.

The Authority pointed out that Soroka Hospital in the city of Beersheba (south) alone received 40 soldiers injured in the eye, pointing out that during the last three days only the hospital received 5 serious injuries in the eye, and difficult surgeries were performed on some of them.

Given the high number of eye injuries among Israeli soldiers in Gaza, Soroka led a donation campaign to buy goggles for the soldiers, according to the same source.

As of Wednesday evening, the death toll of the occupation army since the beginning of the aggression on the Gaza Strip on the seventh of last October rose to 411, including 10 in the past 24 hours, according to official sources.

Source : Al Jazeera + Anatolia