Recently, some online accounts have fabricated emergency incidents, speculated and fabricated public policies, and used social hotspots to spread rumors and hype, disrupting social order and causing a bad impact. The internet information departments are to guide website platforms to continue to increase the extent of monitoring, verification, and handling exposure, tracing the source and closing accounts that first published rumors, and disposing of a total of 1660,<> accounts that violate laws and regulations. Some of the typical cases are hereby notified as follows.

1. "Explosion at the School of Pharmacy at Southwest University" rumor. Recently, there was an online video saying that "there was an explosion at the School of Pharmacy of Southwest University". The Chongqing Internet Reporting Center verified to Southwest University that the video was false information, and Southwest University has organized an investigation and found no explosion-related circumstances. Accounts on the Weibo platform "Mu Yue Zihua" and the Baidu platform "mxhdaqa" have been closed in accordance with the law.

2. "A student is missing in a school in Lanzhou" rumor. Recently, it was reported on the Internet that "a student in a school in the vocational education park of Lanzhou New District went missing and a personal injury accident occurred". After investigation by the local public security organs, the information was a rumor, and the offender suspected of fabricating the rumor has been administratively detained by the public security organs in accordance with the law. Accounts such as the Weibo platform "qbok_ Wei Daiyi" and the Kuaishou platform "Xiaoyou" have been closed in accordance with the law.

3. Rumor that "in 2024, employee medical insurance contributions will no longer be credited to personal accounts". Recently, an article titled "Attention Employees! From 2024 onwards, employee medical insurance contributions will be completely changed" article and related screenshots were circulated online, claiming that "employee medical insurance premiums will no longer be credited to personal accounts" and "individuals will no longer have their own medical insurance accounts". The National Health Insurance Administration issued a statement to refute rumors, saying that the above relevant content is pure rumors. Accounts such as the Zhihu platform "Xiao Lingzi" and the Toutiao platform "A Qiang Kan Bao" have been closed in accordance with the law.

4. "Many places will implement the rumor of 'retirement according to working age'". Recently, a "national seniority retirement policy exposed: as long as you have worked in the same unit for 25 years, regardless of age, you can apply for seniority retirement" news circulated on the Internet. The human resources and social security departments of Hebei, Shandong, Sichuan and other places responded that the content of the relevant articles and screenshots was untrue. At present, all localities strictly implement the retirement policy stipulated by the state, and there is no situation where "you can apply for retirement after 25 years of service". Accounts such as the Xiaohongshu platform "Wuhan Social Security Consulting" and the Douyin platform "Xiaoxiao Liu" have been closed in accordance with the law.

5. "Hangzhou announced a ban on live streaming" rumors. Recently, news about Hangzhou's live streaming policy has been circulating on the Internet, saying that "Hangzhou announced that the ban on live streaming has been implemented, and the pilot of live streaming in some markets has been prohibited", which has attracted widespread attention. The Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce specially refuted the rumors. Accounts such as the Zhihu platform "Xicheng E-commerce" and the WeChat platform "Stock Market Notes" have been closed in accordance with the law.

6. "China Grain Reserves decided to stop buying corn from abroad" rumors. Recently, there was news on the Internet that "China Grain Reserves recently decided to stop purchasing corn". China Grain Reserves Management Group Co., Ltd. issued a statement saying that after verification, the news is inconsistent with the facts, the company has never released relevant information recently, and the company's affiliated enterprises are carrying out the reserve rotation acquisition business in an orderly manner. Accounts such as "Li is not fat and not afraid of fat" on the Toutiao platform and "Bonus" on the Kuaishou platform have been closed in accordance with the law.

7. Rumor that "the China-Japan Friendship Hospital is a hospital built by the Japanese". Recently, videos entitled "The China-Japan Friendship Hospital is a hospital built by the Japanese, with an investment of 26.2 billion" have been circulated on the Internet, claiming that "the successful invasion of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital is unimaginable, and it is difficult to imagine the consequences if you are not vigilant", "What is the purpose of building so many China-Japan Friendship Hospitals", etc. After verification and verification by the China Internet Joint Rumor Refutation Platform with the relevant competent authorities, these videos and remarks seriously deviated from historical facts, wantonly slandered the national public hospitals, disrupted the medical order of the people, and seriously affected the credibility of the government and the health industry. Accounts such as the Xiaohongshu platform "sumomo" and the Baidu platform "Geely Wenwen <>" have been closed in accordance with the law.

8. "The Shanghai takeaway brother worked overtime for 28,30 bride price and died of exhaustion" rumor. Recently, many articles have been circulating on the Internet, such as "A 28-year-old guy worked overtime for 28,<> bride price and died of exhaustion", "In order to earn <>,<> bride price to marry a daughter-in-law, the Shanghai takeaway brother died of exhaustion", and other articles, with pictures of the parties being treated in the hospital. The verification of the Shanghai rumor refutation platform found that it was the relevant self-media that fabricated the experience of the fictitious parties and performed them for the sake of attracting attention. The verification also found that the rumor had been adapted into multiple versions, some of which had changed the guy's surname, some of whom described the daily routine of "working three jobs a day and working overtime for two weeks" in the man's own mouth, and some simply withheld their names, turning the entire fabrication into an "ownerless rumor". Accounts such as the WeChat platform "Mr. Yi" and the Bilibili platform "JY-Jiayi Said" have been closed in accordance with the law.

The person in charge of the relevant department of the Cyberspace Administration of China said that it will continue to increase the intensity of monitoring and cracking down on online rumors, strictly investigate and deal with typical cases of exposing and exposing rumors, and play a warning and deterrent role. At the same time, it also reminds the majority of netizens that in the face of a variety of online information, they must be vigilant, enhance their ability to distinguish and prevent awareness, actively participate in supervision and reporting, and jointly create a clear cyberspace.

("Netinfo China" WeChat public account)