Albane Leprince 11:41 a.m., December 06, 2023

While nearly one in five homes is unoccupied in Paris (18.8% in 2020), the City Hall wants to put second homes back on the market and thus fight against the housing shortage in the capital thanks to a bill that arrives this Wednesday at the National Assembly...

Finding an apartment to rent in Paris, impossible? While it takes an average of six months to be able to get a studio in the capital... This Wednesday, a bill aimed at rebalancing the housing supply arrives at the National Assembly. In the text, the Parisian elected representatives have added several amendments, including one that provides for a doubling or tripling of the tax on vacant homes and the housing tax on second homes.

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262,000 unoccupied homes in Paris!

Indeed, according to a report presented on Tuesday by the Atelier parisien de l'urbanisme (APUR), it is the shortage that is at the root of the tension on the housing market in Paris. In 2011, 14.1% of dwellings were unoccupied according to INSEE, a proportion that reached 18.8% in 2020, i.e. 262,000 empty dwellings out of 1,400,000. Unoccupied dwellings are divided into three categories: vacant, casual (used for business purposes) or second homes.

Thus, in order to recover 25,000 housing units as a first step, the Paris City Hall intends to track down owners who offer their accommodation for seasonal rental more than 120 nights a year, which is prohibited. For the "pied-à-terre", the APUR estimates that they are 42.5% owned by... Ile-de-France residents! It is therefore by increasing the taxation of second homes that Paris City Hall hopes to be able to put up to 100,000 homes back on the market.