In response to the issue of political funding by factions of the Liberal Democratic Party, Prime Minister Kishida has instructed each faction to refrain from holding political funding parties for the time being.

The opposition parties say that it will not solve the problem in a fundamental way, and will pursue it rigorously in the intensive deliberations to be held in the Diet on the 8th.

In response to the issue of political funding by LDP factions, Prime Minister Kishida met with party leaders on June 6 and instructed them to refrain from political fundraising parties of each faction for the time being, and asked them to refrain from large-scale meetings such as year-end parties and New Year's parties.

Prime Minister Kishida emphasized that "we must have a strong sense of urgency about the fact that trust in politics is being shaken."

The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) believes that there is a limit to how much drastic measures can be taken during the prosecutor's investigation, and hopes to avoid further criticism and further spread of influence on the administration by taking measures as much as possible, such as refraining from parties.

On the other hand, there is an opinion within the party that Prime Minister Kishida is still serving as the chairman of the Kishida faction, and that he should first distance himself from the faction.

In response, Azumi, chairman of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan's Diet Measures Committee, criticized the party, saying, "We are talking about self-restraint in parties in order to put a lid on the problem without clarifying the actual situation."

The opposition parties argue that self-restraint will not be a substantial solution and will continue to require explanations to the public, and will pursue the matter strictly at the intensive deliberations of the Budget Committees of both houses of the House of Representatives and Councillors on August 8, which Prime Minister Kishida will also attend.