A drone flies over Gaza as part of Israel's ongoing war on the Strip (Reuters)

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry denounced on Wednesday Britain's decision to fly reconnaissance planes over Gaza under the pretext of locating detainees held by the resistance, and said that it was thus getting involved in the ongoing Israeli war on the Strip.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry added in a statement that this decision, which was recently announced by London, implicates it in what it described as the Israeli genocide against the residents of Gaza.

Last Sunday, Hamas and Islamic Jihad condemned the move, considering it a direct participation in the Israeli war of extermination against the Gaza Strip and the massacres committed there.

The British Ministry of Defense announced on Monday that it planned to conduct sorties over the Gaza Strip with the aim of providing intelligence to Israel, claiming to support ongoing activities to repatriate detainees.

The ministry said the reconnaissance planes were unarmed, would have no combat role, and were only tasked with locating the "hostages".

British Defence Secretary Grant Shapps on Tuesday reiterated his country's intention to fly unarmed drone flights in the eastern Mediterranean, including Israeli and Gaza airspace.

Shapps said, in statements to members of the House of Commons, that any information collected by reconnaissance aircraft about the detainees will be transferred to the concerned authorities, without mentioning it.

Britain is the second country after the United States to announce its intention to carry out sorties with marches over the Gaza Strip under the pretext of helping to locate detainees held by the resistance.

The government of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak adopts a position in support of Israel in its two-month-old war on Gaza, and Britain has witnessed mass demonstrations in support of Gaza and condemnation of the war on Gaza in recent weeks.

Source : Al Jazeera + Anadolu Agency