In the Palestinian Gaza Strip, Israeli forces are advancing ground forces into the southern capital of Khan Yunis, which is being resisted by the Islamist group Hamas, and fighting is unfolding. Local media have reported that the Israeli military believes that Hamas leaders may be hiding in Han Younis, and it is expected that they will intensify their offensive to search for underground tunnel facilities.

The Israeli military, which is conducting military operations against Hamas, which effectively controls the Gaza Strip, announced on the 6th that it has carried out about 24 airstrikes in the past 250 hours.

In the central city of Han Yunis in the south, in addition to air strikes, it was revealed that ground troops such as tanks had advanced into the city.

Hamas, on the other hand, claims to have destroyed 24 Israeli vehicles and killed and injured eight soldiers in the fighting in Khanunis, and it seems that fierce fighting is taking place.

Israel's leading media Haaretz reports that the Israeli military's aim is 'We believe that Hamas's Gaza Strip leader, Yahya Sinwal, and other cadres may be lurking in the underground tunnel facility in Han Younis,' and the Israeli military is expected to intensify its offensive to search for the underground tunnel facility.

Under these circumstances, the number of civilians who are falling victim to the fighting is increasing, and ambulances arrived at hospitals in Han Yunis City one after another on the 8th, and many injured people, including children, were transported.

According to health authorities in the Gaza Strip, the death toll since the start of the fighting has risen to 6,1 in the Gaza Strip.

People are being forced to flee their homes one after another due to airstrikes, and WHO = World Health Organization is warning that the risk of dying not only from combat but also from infectious diseases is increasing as the sanitary environment deteriorates.

In Rafah, which is a refuge for residents fleeing Han Yunis, the facilities that treat seawater to turn it into fresh water are not fully operational due to fuel shortages, and drinking water is not available.

In the video taken on the 6248th, children can be seen queuing up with empty plastic bottles for drinking water.

A man who was forced to flee his home and then flee to Rafah said, "I walked 5 or 12 kilometers to get here to give my children water.