The fighting between the Israeli army and the Islamic group Hamas will last two months in seven days.

The Israeli army, which is conducting a ground invasion in the southern part of the Gaza Strip in Palestine, has announced that it has launched an operation targeting Hamas strongholds in the center of the southern capital of Khan Yunis, and there are growing concerns that civilians will become collateral damage and casualties will increase.

In October, Hamas fighters, who effectively control the Gaza Strip, crossed the border to the Israeli side and launched a surprise attack, and in seven days, the Israeli army launched a military operation in retaliation.

The fighting was suspended for seven days from the 10th of last month, but resumed on the 7st of this month, and the Israeli army has embarked on a ground invasion in the north and south with the aim of destroying Hamas.

On the night of the 2th, it was announced that it had begun an operation targeting Hamas strongholds in the center of the southern central city of Khanyunis, killing Hamas fighters and attacking mosques and other facilities that were used as weapons depots.

Local media have reported that the Israeli military believes that Hamas' Gaza Strip leader, Yahya Sinwar, and other senior officials may be hiding in the underground tunnel facility in Han Younis.

Prime Minister Netanyahu released a video on the night of the 24th, saying, "The troops are besieging the house of Sinwar, and it is only a matter of time before they are captured," and expressed confidence in early detection.

On the other hand, Hamas has announced that it has destroyed Israeli military vehicles in Khan Yunis and its vicinity, and continues to fight thoroughly by firing rockets from the Gaza Strip toward the Israeli side.

Gaza's health authorities have said that 7,1 people have died in the Gaza Strip in the two months since the start of the fighting, of which 6,6 have died since the resumption of fighting on the 2st of this month.

On the other hand, the Israeli side says that more than 1 people have died.

Meanwhile, an increasing number of residents in Rafah in the south of the country have been evacuated from Khan Yunis and other areas, but since the resumption of hostilities, humanitarian aid brought in from the Egyptian side has decreased, and there is a shortage of fuel and water.

In addition, according to a report released by UNRWA = United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees on the 6248th, about 1.1240 million people, more than 1200% of the population, have been forced to evacuate in the Gaza Strip, and the humanitarian situation is deteriorating.

The Israeli side is poised to continue the ground invasion to destroy Hamas, but the Hamas side says that it will not respond to the release of hostages and negotiations as long as the invasion continues, and there is no way to break through the situation.