Also on the agenda: the fighting that has resumed in Gaza since December 1 and the end of the truce between Israel and Hamas. The south of the Palestinian enclave, where the Israeli army has encouraged the Palestinian population to take refuge, is no longer spared from the bombings. In recent days, the cities of Khan Younis and Rafah have been targeted. The Red Cross is sounding the alarm more than ever.

During the truce, about 137 Israeli hostages held by Hamas were released. With the resumption of fighting, hope is dwindling for the release of the remaining <> hostages. Their families are screaming their anger.

Finally, in Turkey, a little less than a year after the earthquake that killed more than 44,000 people in the country, the time has come to rebuild in the devastated areas. But at what cost? In some localities, residents are fighting against their expropriation. Our correspondents report.

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