Erdogan accused Netanyahu of war crimes in Gaza (Reuters)

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Israel will pay a heavy price if it dares to assassinate members of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in Turkey, as Tel Aviv's war on the Gaza Strip continues.

Erdogan explained that the world knows how far Turkey has come in the fields of intelligence and security, stressing that Hamas is a resistance movement fighting to protect its territory.

He said Gaza's future would be decided by the Palestinians and Israel should return the occupied territories, refusing to discuss a plan to form a "buffer zone" in Gaza, calling it a "lack of respect" for the Palestinians.

"These territories (Gaza) belong to the Palestinians, and it is the Palestinian people who decide what happens and who will govern them," he said.

On a peace conference between Palestine and Israel, Erdogan said Turkey was ready to assume the role of guarantor and also host the conference, provided there was a real will for peace.

Erdogan criticized Western support for Israel, saying: "Without the support of all Western countries for Israel, especially the United States, we would not be facing such a scene in our region now."

Erdogan accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of war crimes in Gaza and said: "Netanyahu will not be able to escape paying for what he has done, and he will be tried and paid for the war crimes he committed sooner or later."

He pointed out that Netanyahu is currently in a situation where he faces bankruptcy, and may raise the bankruptcy flag at any moment, as he described it.

Since October 7, the Israeli army has been waging a devastating war on the Gaza Strip, leaving 16,248 dead as of Tuesday evening, including 7112,4885 children and 43,616 women, in addition to <>,<> wounded, as well as massive destruction of infrastructure and an unprecedented humanitarian disaster, according to official Palestinian and UN sources.

Source: Agencies