Straightforward, simple questions are the order of the day when someone is mentally unwell and has suicidal thoughts. Family support worker Sofi Hult and nurse Ann-Sofie Dahlin, who have completed training in mental health first aid, know this.

It is a two-day course developed by Karolinska Institutet based on an Australian concept.

"During the two days, we try to eliminate things that are not true," says Sofie Hult.

Calls for better support

Elisabeth Brolin in Söderala, who lost her daughter to suicide last spring and whom we have told you about earlier, calls for more support in the acute situation. A need the trainers recognize:

"We hear that quite often," says Sofie Hult in the clip above.

In the clip below: Elisabeth's daughter took her own life – calls for better support

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Come along to Elisabeth's home and hear her talk about her daughter's death and what support is needed for relatives. Photo: Jan-Peter Eriksson/SVT