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Prince Constantine of Liechtenstein, the third of four children of current sovereign Prince Hans Adam II, died on Tuesday, December 5, at the age of 51, the royal family of the small Central European principality said in a statement.

The princely house did not elaborate on the circumstances of the death, saying only that it was "unexpected."

Constantine had been married since 1999 to Countess Maria Gabriela Francisca Kálnoky of Kröspatak, with whom he had three children (Mauricio, Georgina and Benedicto).

Among other positions, he servedas president of the supervisory council of the principality located on the banks of the Rhine between Switzerland and Austria.

From that position, Constantine, who was seventh in the line of succession to the throne, was in charge of managing the fortune of the family, which owned an important art collection and various real estate.

His father John Adam, 78 and widowed since 2021, has been the sovereign of Liechtenstein since 1989, and his older brother Louis, 55, is the heir to the princely throne.