Apple solved two vulnerabilities in the WebCut file, Safari browser engine and many of its applications (AP)

Apple has taken swift action in response to recent security concerns that have impacted iPhone, iPad and Mac, as the tech company has released important security updates aimed at addressing two vulnerabilities that hackers have actively exploited to hack individual devices.

The updates come after security experts from Google's threat analysis department revealed a major vulnerability. This section specializes in the study of government-backed cyberattacks.

New security updates can be installed in iOS by going to the Settings menu, then General, and then Software Update.

In the Mac operating system, these updates can be activated by going to System Settings and then General and then clicking on Software Update.

Apple has resolved two vulnerabilities in the WebKit file, the Safari browser engine and several other applications.

According to Business Today, these vulnerabilities facilitated remote infiltration by hackers, enabling them to plant malicious code — including spyware — on users' online devices.

This type of vulnerability is commonly referred to as a "zero-day" exploit, signifying that manufacturers do not have time to patch a vulnerability before it is actively exploited by hackers.

Regarding this problem, Apple stated in its security warnings, that Apple is aware of a report that this problem may have been exploited before in previous versions of the iOS operating system.

Although Apple has rolled out these urgent updates, the identity of the perpetrators exploiting this vulnerability remains unknown.

Earlier this week, Google also faced a vulnerability in the Google Chrome browser, and the search giant admitted that there was an exploit of this vulnerability.

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