Thus, the average price in Russia in November-December 2023 was 368 rubles 82 kopecks. Compared to last year, the price has increased by 5%, analysts say.

For calculations, the classic mimosa recipe was used, which includes mayonnaise, cheese, carrots, onions, eggs and canned fish.

So, mayonnaise in the required proportion costs 41.2 rubles, cheese - 113 rubles, carrots - 18.75 rubles, onions (1 piece) - 5.37 rubles, eggs (3 pieces) - 25.05 rubles.

The most expensive ingredient in mimosa is canned fish. You will have to spend 165 rubles on one jar to prepare a portion of salad.

The value of the products was determined based on the analysis of more than 53 billion cash receipts.

Earlier, Dmitry Bystrov, Associate Professor of the Department of Food Industry, Hotel Business and Service at ROSBIOTECH University, explained in an interview with RT which products can and are dangerous to buy for the New Year in advance.

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