According to the current legislation, only law enforcement agencies, departmental security and private security companies guarding facilities with increased requirements for anti-terrorist protection have such a right.

However, more than 80% of fuel and energy facilities are under the protection of private security organizations, including corporate ones. The draft law is aimed at eliminating the legal gaps in the current legislation.

The State Duma Committee on Energy proposed to make several changes to the bill for the second reading, including clarifying the issue of the boundaries of security zones in the airspace over fuel and energy facilities, as well as determining the possibility for private security companies to terminate the operation of drones using various methods, such as suppressing radio signals, influencing control panels, damaging or destroying UAVs.

According to the explanatory note to the bill, in the first half of 2023, more than 45 drone attacks were carried out on fuel and energy facilities.

In November, members of the working group on the special operation submitted to the State Duma of Russia a bill that gives the right to private security at fuel and energy facilities to shoot down unmanned aerial vehicles.