Yangcheng Evening News reporter Li Yige reported: Ground traffic congestion, how convenient it should be to "fly" to complete the travel demand. This seemingly unrealistic dream has come to life in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, where a new commuting mode has been added - "air taxi". Recently, the opening ceremony of Lenovo Houhai Center Heliport and City Terminal was held in Houhai Central District, marking the opening of the first Class A elevated heliport and city terminal in Nanshan District, Shenzhen.

It is reported that the Nanshan Science and Technology Park and Houhai ABP Area are among the most active business, technology and financial areas in Shenzhen and even the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and many leading enterprises are headquartered here. In order to better meet the needs of business people for efficient commuting, Eastern General Aviation and Lenovo Houhai Center have joined forces to explore the layout of low-altitude new business formats and low-altitude application scenarios with a market-oriented operation model, build the first Class A elevated helicopter airport and urban terminal in Nanshan District, and help the high-quality development of low-altitude economy in Nanshan District and even Shenzhen.

The reporter learned that Lenovo Houhai Center Heliport is located in the core area of Houhai Headquarters Base, and will open a 7-minute airport shuttle line from Shenzhen Bay to Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport, build a "Shenzhen Bay and Guangzhou-Zhuhai Air Corridor", realize a 25-minute intercity flight from Shenzhen Bay to Guangzhou, and a 10-minute intercity flight from Shenzhen Bay to Zhuhai, and finally form the interconnection between Shenzhen Bay and the transportation airports, urban CBD, key enterprises and factories, golf courses and other take-off and landing points in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area urban agglomeration. At the same time, it will operate the low-altitude sightseeing routes of the city on a regular basis for day and night flights, and take a glimpse of Shenzhen's unique urban landscape with the shortest time, the broadest field of view and the most three-dimensional angle of the helicopter, so as to create a must-visit Internet celebrity boutique tourist route in Shenzhen.

The waiting hall is designed and planned according to the needs of business low-altitude flyers, and is equipped with concierge, security, display and other service facilities, as well as functional partitions such as rest, storage, and tea breaks, providing all kinds of high-quality reception services.

The reporter learned that the low-altitude economy is one of the key industrial clusters in Shenzhen, which has the characteristics of "long upstream and downstream chains, wide service areas, and strong driving effect", which contains huge economic and social benefits, and has become an important area for major cities in the world to compete for the development layout.

As an innovative city in China, Shenzhen has the advantage of low-altitude resources, accounting for 65% of the airspace suitable for flying. The creation of a new commuting model of "air taxi" is a microcosm of Shenzhen's vigorous promotion of the innovation and development of low-altitude economic industries. In recent years, Shenzhen's relevant policies and plans to support the development of low-altitude industries have been promulgated. This year, Shenzhen for the first time will be "low-altitude economy" written into the government work report, proposed to build a low-altitude economic center, to build a comprehensive demonstration area for the general aviation industry, civil unmanned aviation test area, to promote the end of the UAV distribution business, to cultivate and develop low-altitude manufacturing, low-altitude flight and other new growth points. At the same time, the reporter learned that at present, the Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Bureau is speeding up the introduction of "Several Measures to Support the High-quality Development of Low-altitude Economy", cooperating with the Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress to compile the country's first local regulations on the development of low-altitude economic industry "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Low-altitude Economic Industry Promotion Regulations", and make a number of institutional innovations in improving the low-altitude integration management mechanism, coordinating infrastructure construction, and expanding industrial application fields, so as to legislate to help Shenzhen's low-altitude economy "fly high".