Mittådalen's Sámi community has applied for culling of a wolverine in an area at Glöte and Dravagen where the Sámi community has its reindeer on winter grazing.

The County Administrative Board of Jämtland has now granted the culling that may be conducted from December 6 to December 21.

On the other hand, Vilhelmina norra's Sámi village has had its application for culling of wolves rejected.

Between 3 and 9 November, a wolf was in the area around Stennäs in the municipality of Bjurholm, which is an important part of the winter grazing area.

The reason for the rejection of the application is that the wolf was only in the area for a few days, caused no documented damage and had not been seen in the area since November 9.

The Sámi community is also unanimous in the County Administrative Board's assessment.