• Bride Carmen Otte, the fiancée of the bullfighter Juan Ortega planted at the altar: from anonymous to being the most wanted woman
  • Interview Juan Ortega: "I don't like to be scared and I spend a lot, too much"

Juan Ortega (33) is isolated and so is his closest entourage – family and close friends. They don't answer calls, let alone the press. The Sevillian bullfighter has all eyes on him and his decision is silence. Since he called off his wedding to cardiologist Carmen Otte Alba (33) just an hour and a half before the wedding, all kinds of theories and similes have been transmitted about his escape. The most repeated ones revolve around a third person who does not exist. According to Ortega's friend and wedding guest, Juan del Val, his namesake is a person "completely upright with him and with others." Draw a person who would never do something they don't feel. And that having made the decision, he is not in a mood for drinks in Seville. "It's really fucked up," Del Val says.

The writer affirms that he does not know the reason for Ortega's doubts, the reason why he did not go down the aisle, but he is certain of what it is not. "His motivations would have but in no case is it a matter of horns." For a few hours now, everything has pointed to a question of faith.


The guests were summoned to the church of Santiago in Jerez at 12:00 noon and the decisive call came an hour and a half earlier. According to the ABC newspaper, the bullfighter made three calls and first went to the priest. A friend of his from Barcelona who "advised him not to get married". With the decision made, according to Esradio's Crónica Rosa, Ortega called his father and his closest nucleus: made up of a member of his gang and two friends. Del Val found out around 11 a.m. from another friend. "It's a very unpleasant thing for those of us who know them, but I knew that if I had made this decision it's because I had my reasons." Del Val didn't make it to the church. Some guests do. The bride, Carmen Otte, according to El Español, is "devastated and doesn't stop crying." His family too: "Especially the patriarch, because he wanted the right-hander like a son."

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