The Royal Army redeployed its forces on the border with Palestine after the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip (Official website of the Jordan Army)

Jordanian authorities released four citizens arrested last June on charges of involvement in a network to smuggle weapons into the West Bank belonging to the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).

It was remarkable that despite the passage of about 6 months since the case, it was kept secret by the Jordanian authorities and Hamas, as the two sides were keen to keep the crisis that ravaged their relations silent and out of the spotlight.

The first time the names of the detainees were published was when the Jordanian National Forum to Support the Resistance announced the names of dozens of detainees in the Kingdom pending support for the Palestinian resistance.

The discovery of these attempts by Jordanian intelligence led to severe tension in the relationship between the authorities and Hamas, and restrictions on its cadres, some of whom hold Jordanian citizenship, and frequent the country to visit their families.

This was due to the authorities' discovery that the smuggling attempts, some of which were carried out by drones shot down by the Jordanian army, were carried out in cooperation with Hezbollah. Jordan considered this a threat to its national security, against the backdrop of fears of Iran's attempts to use Jordanian territory in the conflict with Israel.

The Jordanian move came in the context of calming the angry street as a result of the continuous Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, and the great interaction of Jordanians with the daily massacres committed by the occupation there, which have so far resulted in the martyrdom of 16,<> Palestinians, the majority of whom are children and women.

While the move will lead to an atmosphere of relief in Jordanian political and popular circles, it is expected that efforts will continue to release more detainees, whether in connection with the aforementioned case or otherwise.

The detainees released were: Abdul Rahman al-Mashoukhi (son of former Jordanian MP Ibrahim al-Mashoukhi), Huzaifa al-Tamuni (son of the late military expert Ibrahim Bani Odeh), who was assassinated by the Israeli occupation forces in 2001, Anas Mukhaimer and Ahmad Abu Khater.

Source : Al Jazeera