• Bullfighter Juan Ortega suspends his wedding due to "personal circumstances" half an hour before the ceremony

It was the news of the weekend. The bullfighter Juan Ortega and Carmen Otte Alba gathered more than 500 guests in the church of Santiago de Jerez de la Frontera to celebrate their marriage after more than ten years of courtship. However, what no one expected was that, barely half an hour before the wedding began, the right-hander decided to leave his fiancée standing at the altar.

As it has transpired, Juan sent a WhatsApp to the guests to inform them that the wedding had been suspended and to this day, the reasons that would have led him to make such a decision are still unknown. "The fact that they say that Juan had doubts, he didn't convey it at all the night before when we were with him partying," one of the bullfighter's relatives told the newspaper La Razón.

Guests leaving the church where the wedding was to take place. GTRES

The stir that has been created around this story has generated endless conjecture that has placed the bride, Carmen, as one of the most sought-after women of the moment. Although little is known about her, the truth is that several media have published that she is a cardiologist at the Virgen de Valme University Hospital in Seville, the city where she lived with Juan until now.

He is 33 years old, the same age as the bullfighter, and belongs to a popular family of Jerez origin.

She is the daughter of the agronomist Miguel Ángel Otte, known in the town of Cadiz for having served for many years as a delegate of the Official College of Agricultural Engineers, in addition to having been part of the Economic and Social Council of the city.

For now, more details about Carmen's personal life are unknown, but what has transpired is that, at this time, she would be "devastated" and unable to stop crying about what happened. This has been confirmed by El Español after contacting the cardiologist's inner circle.

Juan del Val, among the guests

It should be noted that, among the long list of attendees, there were several well-known faces such as Juan del Val, who has also detailed how the one who until now was the fiancée of the well-known bullfighter is doing: "I empathize a lot with Carmen, the bride, it is an enormously hard situation. Nobody understands it, but he's a guy with enormous integrity," he said from the set of La Roca last Sunday.

Nuria Roca, presenter of the format and wife of Juan del Val, also attended the non-wedding and wanted to give her opinion on the matter during the live broadcast. According to the journalist, the bullfighter could have decided earlier to "save suffering", something that Del Val wanted to qualify: "When someone makes a decision like that, we lack information to anyone who thinks about it except him. It's something really amazing that's very scripted," he said.

In addition to the emotional blow that the cancellation of the wedding has entailed, the truth is that economically it will also be a problem for the betrothed and is that, according to what was published by La Razón, the invitation amounted to 80,000 euros, an amount that they will have to pay to the company in charge of organizing all the preparations for the big day. However, according to the aforementioned media, Juan Ortega would intend to bear all the expenses.