Belgium: At least 20000 climate marches in Brussels

At the call of a collective Climate Coalition, which oversees a hundred associations and communities for the occasion, twenty to twenty-five thousand people marched in the streets of Brussels on Sunday 3 December. There is no planet B, every tenth of a degree counts, respect the commitments, the slogans are now known, but in this week of COP28, the citizens' movements want to show that they are still there, even if there were a little less people than at the last demonstration.

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Some 20,000 people, according to the police, 25,000 according to the organisers, marched on Sunday 3 December in Brussels to demand action against climate change, at a time when COP28 is being held in the United Arab Emirates. AFP - NICOLAS MAETERLINCK

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With our correspondent in Brussels, Pierre Benazet

With the other singers of her activist choir, Aude is leading the climate demonstration, it's been a year since there has been one in Brussels, so for her this big gathering is an opportunity to put the pressure back on the leaders gathered at COP28, even if she is not very optimistic:


Frankly, I'm not very positive actually. It's getting harder and harder to believe. The signals are not very good and it doesn't seem like people are really taking stock of the situation."

Aure is much more optimistic. After studying geography, she volunteered for two months to pick up plastic trash on the beaches. For her, if everyone gets on board and politicians do their part, things can change:

"When you realize, the amount of plastic that there is and that they never disintegrate, in fact, they break down into smaller and smaller pieces, but they will stay forever. It's something that can be easily stopped, but citizens won't get there without politicians."

We won't get there without you, that's the message that citizens mobilized for the climate want to send at COP 28.

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