It has been six months since the Ukrainian army launched a counteroffensive.
Amid criticism that the situation is at a stalemate, a senior Ukrainian government official gave an interview to NHK and once again called on Europe, the United States, and other countries to provide swift arms assistance.

In June, the Ukrainian army deployed large-scale troops to the east and south of the country and launched a counteroffensive, while the Russian army responded by fortifying defensive positions and intensified its offensive in some areas since autumn. According to the Ukrainian government and local media, Russian troops attacked residential areas in the southern Kherson Oblast on the 6rd, causing multiple injuries.

Under these circumstances, Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, which is in charge of security policy in the Ukrainian government, gave an exclusive interview to NHK in the capital Kyiv.

Regarding the current situation of the reverse offensive, which is pointed out to be in a stalemate, Danilov said, "It is difficult for both sides to take the initiative, and the battle is being fought, but the Ukrainian army will eventually gain the upper hand," and expressed confidence in the improvement of the war situation.

"What we need is weapons, weapons, weapons, weapons, and the longer we delay the support of weapons, the more our victory will be delayed," he said, reiterating his appeal to the United States, the United States, and other countries to provide swift support for weapons.