, Kuala Lumpur, December 12 (Reporter Chen Yue) Since December 3, Malaysia has implemented convenient measures for citizens of China and other countries to stay for no more than 12 days and enter without a visa. How can Chinese citizens make good use of the visa-free policy and enter Malaysia "smoothly"? The Chinese Embassy in Malaysia would like to remind you of this.

According to the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia, after the introduction of the visa-free policy, the competent department of the Malaysian government recently announced the latest entry instructions, requiring foreign citizens to fill in the MDAC (Malaysia Electronic Arrival Card) online within 3 days before entering Malaysia, and print a paper version of the MDAC confirmation letter to show to the immigration officer when entering the country. The Chinese Embassy in Malaysia reminds that except for Malaysian permanent residence and self-service customs clearance system holders, Chinese citizens can fill in MDAC on the website before entering Malaysia, and after submitting it online, they can download and print a paper version of the MDAC confirmation letter in the email address filled in by MDAC and present it to the Malaysian immigration officer when entering the country. With effect from 2023 December 12, foreign nationals may be denied entry to Malaysia if they fail to complete the MDAC in advance.

Chinese citizens can also fill in the MDAC by scanning the QR code at the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia

The embassy also reminds that in addition to the MDAC confirmation letter, Chinese citizens entering Malaysia still need to hold a passport valid for more than 6 months, present a paid hotel reservation in Malaysia that matches the number of days of stay, present a paid return ticket for the departure from Malaysia, accept inquiries from immigration officials about the itinerary in Malaysia in English or Malay, and present proof of funds of more than US$1000,<> (or equivalent in other currencies) (including cash, cheques, bank cards, e-wallets, etc., excluding air tickets and hotel expenses), etc.

Updated Malaysia entry documents. Chinese Embassy in Malaysia

The embassy also reminds Chinese citizens to come to Malaysia: please understand and abide by the entry and exit policies and relevant laws and regulations of Malaysia in advance (official website of the Immigration Department of Malaysia:, and prepare relevant entry materials in advance according to the requirements of the Malaysian side. Failure to complete the documents may affect the smooth entry of the country, and the immigration officer may even refuse entry in accordance with local laws and regulations.

When leaving the country, please cooperate with the immigration officials, take the initiative to show relevant materials, communicate patiently and explain, and ask the accompanying passengers or airline staff for assistance if there is a communication barrier.

Those who enter Malaysia for study, work and other activities that require prior approval from the competent authorities of Malaysia, or intend to stay for more than 30 days, should still apply for a visa corresponding to the purpose of entry before entering the country. (ENDS)