In the spring of 2019, SVT reported that artificial intelligence was creating new death metal.

A neural network was fed large amounts of death metal and thus learned the recurring patterns of the musical style. It was then able to predict which musical elements were most common, and recreate them anew, over and over again, with different variations.

2023: Drake was copied – Lennon was resurrected

Since 2019, development has gone at a furious pace, and in 2023, the subcategory of AI-generated music really exploded.

An AI-created Drake copy was streamed millions of times, submitted as a potential Grammy nomination, before it was taken down from Spotify and condemned by the real Drake's record label Universal.

The Beatles were helped by AI to revive John Lennon and complete the song "Now and Then".

SVT challenges the AI tools

Could the time be right for AI to take on perhaps the music world's most powerful challenge: Create a Christmas song that stands up to the competition of the genre's giants Mariah Carey, Wham and Bing Crosby?

With the help of various AI tools, SVT has created lyrics, songs and music for Swedish Christmas songs in a number of styles. From hip-hop and metal – to more traditional Christmas music about snow-covered trees, and the main character of Christmas, the baby Jesus.

Are the AI songs up to scratch? Listen to the results in the video above!