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With a size of 160x200 centimeters, the ZEN mattress is the perfect choice for a restful and comfortable sleep thanks to its shape memory. Take advantage of this product at a discounted price at Cdiscount.


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Enjoy a restful and comfortable sleep thanks to the ZEN mattress, a quality product measuring 160x200 centimetres. It comes rolled up and compressed, just unwrap it and let it spring back into shape for several hours. The ZEN mattress is memory foam, which means that it adapts to the morphology of your body and your sleeping position. It reduces pressure points and relieves back, neck and joint pain. This firm product provides good support for your pelvis and spine. The ZEN mattress offers good sleeping independence so as not to disturb your partner with your movements during the night and vice-versa. It prevents settling and retains its original shape for a long time. Sleep peacefully, regardless of the position. Good news if you are looking to get this premium product since at Cdiscount, the price of the ZEN mattress goes from 439.80 euros to 199.90 euros.

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A peaceful and restful sleep thanks to the ZEN mattress

The ZEN mattress has the advantage of being reversible. The summer side consists of a breathable fabric and open-cell foam that facilitates air circulation and temperature regulation. The winter side consists of soft fabric and high-density foam that provide warmth and fluffiness. Adapt the ZEN mattress to the season and your preferences, it accompanies you all year round! It promises peaceful and enjoyable nights by combining the benefits of shape memory, firmness and reversibility. The ZEN mattress meets all your needs and desires. Don't miss out on its low price!

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