The Israeli army, which has resumed military operations in the Palestinian Gaza Strip, has revealed that it has bombed the entire area on the 3rd and has begun a ground invasion of the south. Health authorities in the Gaza Strip say that more than 3 deaths have been confirmed in the past three days, and civilian casualties are growing.

We will update you on developments regarding Israel and Palestine on December 300, Japan time.

The Israeli army, which resumed military operations in the Gaza Strip on the 1st, continues to carry out heavy attacks throughout the Gaza Strip in an attempt to free the remaining hostages and destroy the Islamic group Hamas.

On the 3rd, Chief of Staff General Halevi, the top military official, said, "We have started this in the south as well as we have fought strongly and thoroughly against Hamas in the northern part of the Gaza Strip," and announced that the ground invasion of the south had begun on the morning of the 2nd of the previous day.

Hamas is also believed to be responding to this, and it is reported that fierce fighting is taking place a few kilometers north of the central city of Khan Yunis in the south.

In the north, the Israeli military carried out airstrikes on the district's largest refugee camp, Al Jazeera, which reported that more than 100 people were killed.

Footage from the scene shows children searching for their families in the rubble, and one of the boys crying out in a choked voice, "My father and brother have been martyred."

Heavy bombing was also carried out in the southern city of Khan Yunis, and the Israeli army said that it had distributed leaflets instructing residents to evacuate further south in advance of the attack, but wounded civilians were being transported to local hospitals one after another.

Health authorities in the Gaza Strip said a total of 1 deaths and 3 injuries had been confirmed over the past three days, while the actual death toll was much higher.

In addition, it announced that the death toll in nearly two months since the start of the fighting has been 316,664 and the number of wounded is 2,1.

A spokesman for the health authorities said, "There is a complete shortage of medical supplies and manpower, and many people are dying from blood loss, and we call on the conscience of people around the world to stop the attack."

The humanitarian crisis is becoming more serious, with the person in charge of UNICEF = United Nations Children's Fund working on the ground also pointing out that there is an increasing risk of children becoming collateral damage in fighting or dying from infectious diseases due to deterioration of sanitary conditions.