The opening of the slopes along the 120-metre-high rocky outcrop could take place this year in record time, as a result of the recent snow and cold.

"The snow we produce here can also withstand significantly more than the natural snow, so we expect to have snow on the slopes for a long time to come," says Jimmie Stjernkvist, chairman of Vångaberget's slalom club, which runs the facility.

South of Jönköping

According to him, the interest this year is extra great because the ski resort Vallåsen on Hallandsåsen has closed its operations. For slalom-hungry southern Swedes, Vångabacken is the only facility available south of Jönköping.

Watch the video and meet some of the premiere skiers at Vångabeget – including a veteran from Stenmark's glory days and two visiting German alpinists.