With regard to the issue of political funding parties in the LDP factions, the LDP wants to minimize the impact on the administration by hastening to consider countermeasures.
On the other hand, the opposition parties intend to pursue this strictly, including through intensive deliberations at the Budget Committee, which is expected to be held this week.

In the matter of political funding parties for factions of the Liberal Democratic Party, it has been revealed that the largest faction, the Abe faction, the Seiwa Policy Study Group, kicked back the revenue collected in excess of the party ticket sales quota to the lawmakers and did not include it in the faction's political fund balance report.

Seko, the secretary-general of the House of Councillors who belongs to the Abe faction, said on the 3rd, "It is all about investigating and confirming the facts in detail and responding appropriately."

Within the Liberal Democratic Party, there is a growing sense of crisis, such as the possibility that the party will lose credibility if this situation continues, and I would like to minimize the impact on the administration by urgently confirming the facts and considering countermeasures.

In response, Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDP) Secretary-General Okada pointed out that "if money was returned without being recorded in the income and expenditure reports of factions and lawmakers, it would be a problem that would shake the foundation of the Political Funds Control Law."

The opposition parties believe that the case symbolizes the evils of the LDP's factional politics, and will pursue it rigorously at the intensive deliberations of the Budget Committees of both houses of the House of Representatives, which are expected to be held this week.

On the other hand, the five ruling and opposition parties that have submitted the bill will continue to work together to see if there are any points that can be reached in the amendments ahead of the vote on the 1th, which will be one of the focal points of the final Diet session.