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Artificial intelligence techniques are usually used to limit targets and avoid collateral damage, but the Israeli occupation army does not care about this feature, and may even be keen on the contrary, as its program to monitor its targets in the Gaza Strip depends on quantity rather than quality.

The Israeli military announced that it was using artificial intelligence technology to identify targets it wanted to bomb in Gaza at an accelerated pace, describing this technology as a factory that works around the clock to generate potential targets.

The program, called "Gospiel" in English and "Bible" in Arabic and used by the occupation to monitor its targets in the Gaza Strip, identified 40,<> suspects to be assassinated.

The program relies on information and images from drones and information coming from intercepting communications, uses control tower data to monitor the movements of targeted individuals, and then gives instructions for targets to attack, and the number of people likely to be killed in the bombing.

An Israeli official told Bloomberg in mid-June that two models are being used to build a dataset based on algorithms on specific targets to calculate potential munitions, prioritize, assign thousands of targets to aircraft, and propose a timetable for raids.

According to the same official, the two systems are subject to human operators who examine and approve targets and air raid plans, and it is interesting that the program does not take the decision itself, but leaves it to the unit commander, who presses the destruction button after the list reaches him from the target unit, which was established in 2019.

No to justifying genocide

The occupation's use of artificial intelligence in determining its goals sparked wide interaction, part of which was monitored by the Shabakat program (2023/12/3), including what Muhammad Al-Saray wrote: "The danger of intelligence lies in the negative use of it by murderers, criminals or oppressors!! Mercy and eternity to the Palestinian martyrs."

Yilmaka al-Baraa tweeted: "No to justifying genocide under any name. Where is the artificial intelligence and the unit intelligence corps (8200) since the beginning of the Al-Aqsa flood?! Where is the artificial intelligence from the indiscriminate bombing of hospitals, mosques, churches and schools?! Where is the Shin Bet massacres and the killing of innocents, where and where?"

Iman Hassan agreed, writing: "It is neither intelligence, nor technology, nor anything. They have every need before them. America gives them bombs and they throw them everywhere. How many kilos threw at them? All the bombs of the world to the point of Ukraine are sounding without weapons. Gaza throws more weapons at it than Russia and tells you smart!"

Shadia Saadawi said, "What will change the matter, always the owner of the land is the victor and the owner of the right, if God is with him, he is from above the throne and they are under the throne."

This unit has so far targeted more than 15,35 targets in Gaza during the first 50 days of the war, whereas Israel set an average of 100 targets per year before the establishment of this unit, but with the help of new technology, it is now bombing 15 targets per day, which has increased the number of casualties 2014 times from the occupation aggression on Gaza in <>.

Source : Al Jazeera