Israeli soldiers inside the Gaza Strip (French-IDF)

Analysis of satellite imagery of Al Jazeera revealed a series of developments in terms of operations carried out by the Israeli occupation army in the Gaza Strip and the placement of its military vehicles in the main axes.

The analysis was based on satellite images obtained by Al Jazeera on November 24 and 30 of various areas of the Gaza Strip.

Trench in the middle of Gaza

Images taken on November 24 show Israeli forces digging a trench starting from the Juhr al-Dik area (east of the central Gaza Strip) about 1.8 kilometers long.

The excavation has grown to 2.7 kilometers in length, according to November 30 photographs. The purpose of digging the trench is not yet known.

The Israeli trench is similar to the Russian trenches spotted in various areas of Russian-controlled Crimea during the war on Ukraine in recent months.

The trench extends from the Rooster Terrier area with a length of 2.7 km (Blunt)

A road to the sea

The photographs also showed the Israeli army constructing a road that cuts across the entire center of Gaza, from the entrance to Juhr al-Dik in the east to the seashore in the west. Israeli forces paved the road to facilitate the faster movement of vehicles.

At present, a large number of vehicles are concentrated outside the Gaza Strip east of the entrance to Juhr al-Dik, and these vehicles may be part of the armored vehicles that withdrew during the truce, and may be in the process of preparing for any possible new operations.

The road runs from the eastern Gaza Strip to the Mediterranean coast (Blunt)

Tents for the occupation forces

Images taken on November 30 showed a number of tents likely used to house soldiers west of Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip.

Tents of the occupation forces west of Beit Lahiya (Blunt)

Number of Israeli vehicles

With regard to the deployment of forces, photos on November 30 showed an approximate decrease in the number of military vehicles inside the Gaza Strip by between 35% and 40%, as follows:

  • The number of vehicles in the Beit Hanoun axis decreased from 78 on November 24 to 37 on November 30.
  • The number of vehicles in the Beit Lahiya axis decreased from 287 vehicles on November 24 to 164 on November 30.
  • The number of vehicles in the Wadi Gaza axis decreased from 371 vehicles on November 24 to 215 on November 30.

A decrease in the number of heavy machinery was also observed in contrast to an increase in the number of light vehicles.

Incursion Map

The map of the Israeli incursion shows the expansion of forces in the north and center of the Gaza Strip, and the expansion of their operations to remove buildings or greenhouses and bulldoze land in search of Palestinian resistance tunnels.

The occupying forces expanded their operations by demolishing buildings and razing land (Blunt)

Source : Al Jazeera