French rapper Kerry James announces his position on the Israeli war on Gaza with a song (social media)

French rapper Kerry James surprised participants in a march in support of Palestine in the French capital, Paris, on Saturday, by performing a song condemning the crimes of the Israeli occupation in the Gaza Strip.

A video clip posted on social media platforms documented the intervention of rapper Kerry James, in which he performed a song with the character of a free style or "Freestyle" known in rap art, in which he denounced the aggression of the occupation on the Gaza Strip.


« (...) Les hôpitaux deviennent des cimetières, le sang fait rougir les rivières,J'ai vu la paix sur une civière,
le visage blanchi de poussière.
Perdu dans des fosses communes, la raison ne trouve plus de tribune,J'ai
vu du...

— Révolution Permanente (@RevPermanente) December 2, 2023

Kerry James describes the situation through his song: "The sun has buried itself. The stars lost their deviation and she asks me how I am, I want the numbers of the unknown dead. When the lips of the world are silent and the door closes in your face. Even clowns never lose their smile and find a thousand reasons to die, the sun buried under the rubble, the moon embraced in its arms, but you, my father, ask me how things go? When justice is timid and peace is in the straw, we create false happiness."

"Hospitals have become cemeteries, blood turns rivers red, I saw peace on a stretcher, his face white from dust. Lost in mass graves, the mind no longer finds a platform, I saw the blood on the lost dove, and I heard the sounds of "I love you" under the bombs. The sun buried itself under Gaza, the moon embraced in its arms, the stars lost their luster, and she asks me, "How are you?"

Kerry James is one of France's most famous rap artists, best known for his songs denouncing racism in the country, glorifying the struggle of blacks and glorifying the liberation struggle against colonialism.

James was not the only rapper to declare his support for Gaza and his rejection of Israel's massacres in the Strip; he was preceded by American rapper Red Fell, who read a collection of the names of children who were martyred since the beginning of the war on Gaza during his concert at the Camp Flug Gnaw festival.

The "Red Ville" in the Palestinian keffiyeh during the ceremony, which was held on November 11 and 12, and attended by thousands of young people in Prince George County, Maryland, commented on the names, saying: "Behind me is a list of the names of Palestinians who have been killed in Gaza since the seventh of October (October), and unfortunately no one on this blacklist has reached the age of four."

most important part of my set yesterday. watch 🇵🇸

— playing w/ fire out now (@redveil) November 13, 2023

The 19-year-old rapper urged the public to contact their representatives and demand and sign a ceasefire code on its website, saying in the video: "A ceasefire is not complicated, don't let anyone tell you this nonsense," and chanted with crowds chanting "Free Palestine," and the musician raised the Palestinian flag behind him while playing funeral music.

On October 30, English rock singer Roger Waters wrote a post on the X platform, in which he demanded an end to the massacres committed against children in Palestine and said: "By the love of God! Stop killing children!"


— Roger Waters ✊ (@rogerwaters) October 30, 2023

Waters attached the post to a video featuring his performance of the song "Leave Jerusalem" during his concert on October 28 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. On the big screens around the concert stage, he read: "Stop the genocide."

The number of martyrs in the Gaza Strip since the start of the Israeli war has risen to 15,523, and the number of injured has reached 41,316, according to Dr. Ashraf al-Qudra, spokesman for the Health Ministry in the Gaza Strip.

Source : Al Jazeera + Social Media