Activists demand a ceasefire in Gaza on the sidelines of the climate conference (Anatolia)

More than 100 activists participated in a demonstration in support of Palestine on Sunday in Dubai on the sidelines of the fourth day of the United Nations climate conference (COP28) to demand a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, which has been facing Israeli aggression for 58 days.

Activists gathered near the Israel pavilion of the conference, carrying flags with the watermelon symbol (a reference to the colors of the Palestinian flag due to its ban), which has become an icon of support for Palestine, and recited the names of the martyrs of the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

During the demonstration, activists stressed the impossibility of a just fight against climate change before justice is achieved around the world, held banners calling for the end of climate colonialism, and chanted that Palestine is free.

Prior to this demonstration, there had been no demonstrations outside the climate conference site, unlike previous UN climate summits where thousands of climate activists took to the streets to protest wars.

Restrictions on regulation

Reuters quoted an activist who participated in organizing the demonstration as saying that she had to deal with strict United Nations rules while trying to organize the demonstration, stressing that the political space at the UN conference is very complex.

The activists said they were very careful not to directly criticize Israel at the demonstration, because of UN rules.

Organizers had to require permits, identify areas of movement and get approval for banners, slogans and chants, many of which were banned.

Palestinian Participation

The war cast a shadow over climate talks in Dubai and had a profound impact on the Palestinian Authority delegation that was keen to set up its first-ever pavilion at a climate conference.

Hadeel Khamis, a member of the Palestinian delegation to the conference, said only 10 delegates were able to come, while most canceled because of the war.

"What does climate justice mean, and what does international law mean, when Palestinians are killed in cold blood and the world is watching?" she asked.

Source: Agencies