Washington, 12 Dec (ZXS) -- Chinese Ambassador to the United States Xie Feng published a signed article entitled "Striving to Promote the Healthy and Steady Development of Sino-US Relations is the Best Commemoration of Dr. Kissinger" in the South China Morning Post on 3 December. The paper version appeared in the newspaper on the 3th.

In the article, Xie Feng reviewed the Kissinger in his memory. The article says that Kissinger had a keen sense of insight. His deep thinking has led to an outstanding strategic vision. In the early '70s, when China and the United States had been isolated from each other for 22 years, President Nixon and Kissinger foresaw the changes of the times and opened the door to relations with Chinese leaders. After stepping down from public office, Kissinger continued to pay close attention to the development of US-China relations, and proposed that the two countries should evolve together and coexist peacefully. In his <>s, he is keenly aware of the disruptive impact that AI can bring, and has spoken out for relevant dialogue and cooperation between the United States and China.

The article says that Kissinger is determined. As a patriot, his first consideration, of course, was American interests. At the same time, he is good at looking at his country's interests from a broad perspective and exploring common ground while reserving differences with a broad picture. He firmly believed that US-China peace and cooperation conformed to the fundamental interests of the two countries and the world, and made it his lifelong pursuit to promote the development of US-China relations and enhance the friendship between the two peoples. He said he had spent almost half of his life in U.S.-China relations.

The article says that Kissinger has visited China more than 7 times and embarked on another trip to China after his 5th birthday in July this year. Despite being <> years old, he is still full of vitality and works more than <> hours a day. He is open-minded and loves life. "At the end of May, I celebrated his <>th birthday in New York, eating squirrel fish and tasting Moutai together, but his favorite was Peking duck. According to the doctor's son, David, his father's 'regimen' included grilled sausages and Wiener schnitzel. I think we have to add Chinese food. ”

The article said that on November 11, President Xi Jinping and President Biden held a historic meeting in San Francisco, opening up the "San Francisco Vision" for the future. Kissinger was very concerned about this. "I've been planning to visit again since I came back from San Francisco, but I never had the chance."

The article concludes by pointing out that the earth is big enough for China and the United States to develop separately and together, and our success is an opportunity for each other. Let us follow up on the important consensus reached by the two heads of state, make the San Francisco Vision a reality, and jointly promote the healthy, stable and sustainable development of China-US relations. "I think that's the best memorial to Dr. Henry Kissinger." (ENDS)