• Controversy César Noval, the referee and plastic surgeon denounced by 50 women for "very serious sequelae"
  • Liga Santander César Noval, lineman and plastic surgeon, renounces refereeing to "preserve the health of his colleagues and his patients"

"Due to malpractice and very serious consequences, both physical and psychological." In January 2021, 50 women sued plastic surgeon César Noval Font after undergoing different operations and cosmetic touch-ups. There are currently 15 in judicial process.

With these last two words in the Google search engine, reports appear giving voice to the testimonies that emerged from Instagram @afectadasclinicanoval, a profile created in August 2020 to disseminate with images the cases in which patients were not satisfied.

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They have reached 3,374 followers and January 7 of last year was their last post. This Instagram account, his appearance on Cuatro, blog posts... The fingerprint doesn't go away. For this reason, Clínica Noval, although it persists as an entity, place and service – the telephone is active and the location of the clinic is the same – no longer exists in that form. His own surname has been erased and three years later the doctor has baptized it as the NEF Clinic. But the judicial process of those, at least 15 women, continues. According to the lawyer who is handling these cases against the doctor, Arancha Jurado, the only firm one is acquittal. There are four sentences won against him but not final, Noval has appealed them.

Most of the women who have reported are still undergoing psychological treatment

Arancha Jurado

NEF Clinic was born on April 13, 2022. With this maneuver by Noval, the network only shows presentations on his new specialty: sex change surgery and penis enlargement and thickening surgery. His favorite place to promote himself is his YouTube channel, @clínicanef, where he practically uploads a video a day and answers all the comments. The most viewed has 1,166,887 views: "Penis Enlargement Without Surgery With Exercises And Massage: Do They Really Work?". The doctor's answer is no.


As if this diffusion were not enough, there are three urls to find with César Noval's hands: https://alargamientopene.com, https://clinicanef.com or https://clinicanoval.com. The budget, according to the doctor himself on his networks, for an enlargement and thickening of the penis ranges between 6,000 and 8,000 euros and boasts of a postoperative period without great pain. What he does not mention on his social networks is the place where he carries out these surgical interventions: the Clínica Mediterránea abortion center. In this clinic they offer phalloplasty as a service but they do not advertise on their website that it is Noval who performs it. "When everything came out in the press, the hospitals stopped renting him his operating room," the manager of a Valencian beauty clinic who does not want his identity to be revealed, tells LOC.

Noval came to operate at the private hospital Quirónsalud, one of the most reputable in Valencia. This center has not had any legal repercussions because in the lease agreement with the surgeon the hospitalwas exempt from everything that happened inside the operating room. "Most of the women who have reported are still undergoing psychological treatment." This is the reason given by Arancha Jurado why the alleged victims of Noval have not been able to speak with LOC.

And in the meantime, Noval continues to operate. The Illustrious Official College of Physicians of Valencia (ICOMV) has explained to LOC why. "In view of the complaints received at the time in the College, following the established procedures, it opened the corresponding file, which after going through the Deontological Commission and the Governing Board, in its resolution did not entail any type of disqualification". According to Jurado, the first resolution of the Provincial Court will come out in April of next year. But no matter what happens, Noval will still be able to lengthen penises. The ICOMV maintains that all the sentences in progress are civil, so they do not entail disqualification "nor do they have an impact on their membership". And even if that were the case, the doctor already has a plan B in place.


Since May 12 of last year, Noval has been listed in the name of Massalari Ecológico SL, a company whose main activity is the breeding of domestic animals. Noval has red toy poodles at home that he sells for 4,000 euros. In this case, the doctor's fingerprint is null. On his website, https://criadorcanichetoy.com, he only reveals his first name. "We are Cesar and Mercedes. I'm a doctor, in fact I was awarded an extraordinary prize, but my passion has always been animals."

On the left, César Noval in his version as refereeE.M.

The surgeon has practiced just about everything. He was a linesman in the First Division of LaLiga Santander until 2020 when the Technical Committee of Referees decided to relegate him to the Second Division after some photos of him spending the summer with several players were vilarized: such as Angulo, Parejo or Soldado... By then he was already making headlines about his double life on the pitch and in the operating room. None negative. "This is a clear example of how a marketing genius can become dangerous," the unidentifiable Valencian manager told LOC.