The Izhevsk Mechanical Plant (IMZ) has supplied the law enforcement agencies of Russia with more than 10 thousand units of PLK - the Lebedev pistol in a compact version, according to the website of the Kalashnikov concern.

"Izhevsk Mechanical Plant began serial production of the Lebedev compact pistol at the end of last year, and the results of 2023 confirm that the company is ready to produce PLCs by order of law enforcement agencies in the required volumes. IMZ is secured by government contracts for this product for 2024 as well," the press service of the concern quotes IMZ Managing Director Valentin Kargin.

The PLC was developed on the initiative by the design team under the leadership of the leading designer of IMZ Dmitry Lebedev for the needs of the police and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. This is the first domestic model of short-barreled weapons in the compact class, created for the 9×19 mm cartridge.

The main advantages of the PLC in Kalashnikov are high reliability "regardless of operating conditions" and excellent ergonomics, which is provided by the optimal angle of inclination of the handle, the well-thought-out location of the controls and the features of the firing mechanism.

"The compact size of the PLC increases the convenience of its concealed carry, and the pistol controls duplicated on both sides (safety, bolt delay and magazine release button) allow it to be effectively used with both right and left hands," the company said in its materials.

Along with this, the compact Lebedev pistol can use all types of ammunition of 9×19 mm caliber, including the "extremely powerful 7N21-01 cartridges".

The weight of the PLC without cartridges is 720 g, the total length is 180 mm, the rate of fire is 50 rounds per minute, and the sighting range is 50 m.

Under the barrel of the pistol there is a Picatinny rail, adapted for the installation of a flashlight, which ensures the effectiveness of the all-day use of the weapon. The PLC open sights are equipped with contrasting inserts on the front sight and rear sight.

"The PLC passed qualification tests in March 2021 and was adopted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in October," the Kalashnikov website says.

  • PLC
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In an interview with RT, military observer Alexander Butyrin said that the PLC is convenient for concealed carry. According to him, this weapon is optimally suited to operational officers, who have to hide it under their clothes due to their duty.

"PLCs are essential for those employees who need to ensure the concealment of firearms. These are operatives, security guards. As far as I can tell, the PLC meets all modern requirements in terms of ballistics and penetration. The PLC will replace the Makarov pistol, which is recognized as obsolete," Butyrin explained.

"Highly appreciated"

The PLC is one of the members of the Lebedev pistol family. In the summer, the Rosgvardia successfully completed the trial operation of modular modifications of the MPL and MPL-1.

"The pistols have been highly rated by users in terms of shooting performance and ease of handling. The possibility of attaching attachments and fail-safe operation on 9-mm ammunition 7N21-01, 7N21-02 and sniper cartridges of increased accuracy has been confirmed," the press service of Kalashnikov reported in July.

The MPL and MPL-1 were developed as part of the Lynx development work according to the terms of reference of the Russian Guard. According to the concern, both pistols have carefully thought out ergonomics and a solid service life.

The weapon is designed for 16 rounds. Magazines for modular modifications have holes in the rear part, which are necessary for visual control of the amount of ammunition. The pistols also received an underbarrel Picatinny rail, which allows the installation of tactical flashlights and laser designators.

Modular modifications of the Lebedev pistol differ from each other in tactical and technical characteristics and service purpose. For example, the MPL-1 is designed for use directly by special forces and is supplied with a low-noise firing device.

The length of the MPL-1 is 220 mm (with a silencer - 400 mm), the weight is 815 g (with a silencer - 1.15 kg). MPL is a bit shorter and lighter. Compared to the widely used fourth-generation Austrian Glock 17 pistol, the Lebedev modular pistol has a smaller recoil shoulder.

The trial operation of the MPL and MPL-1 was carried out by employees of the SOBR "Bulat" of the Main Directorate of the Russian Guard in the Moscow Region. For an objective assessment, the commandos tested the pistols in various weather conditions and were satisfied with the test results.

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According to Bulat employees, Lebedev's modular pistols have a short stroke and a soft trigger, which reduces the time until the first shot is fired and increases the rate of fire.

At the same time, the special unit asked to make minor design changes in order to reduce the effort to load the magazine and increase the reliability of the attachment of the low-noise firing device for the MPL-1 modification.

"Maximum compliance of the product with the customer's requirements is our goal, so all requirements and wishes will be taken into account during the refinement of the design and manufacturing technology of the pistols. After the introduction of changes, the pistol will become an even more reliable and easy-to-use weapon," said Dmitry Lebedev.

According to the concern, most of the proposals of the special forces will be implemented this year, the most labor-intensive - until April 2024.

Alexander Butyrin noted that in recent years, the Kalashnikov Concern has carried out large-scale design work in order to update the short-barreled weapons of the units of the law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation.

"Lebedev's modular pistols are equipped with an enlarged magazine. They have improved ergonomics, a special device for fastening additional equipment. The pistols are being finalized, but, in my opinion, these are regular, routine measures," Butyrin stressed.

"Tailored to the requirements of the army"

Currently, the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant is mastering the serial production of another new short-barreled weapon - the 6P72 Udav self-loading pistol, made in the caliber of 9×21 mm.

The pistol is designed for a high-power cartridge that allows you to hit the enemy in armor protection. This ammunition gives the Boa a fire advantage over existing models, including Makarov, Yarygin and other pistols.

  • Boa constrictor pistol
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"One of the novelties is cartridges with a reduced bullet velocity and a bullet with increased penetration. In addition, the owner of the 6P72 will be able to control the consumption of cartridges with a patented indicator of their number located in the magazine," the Kalashnikov website reports.

In a special configuration, the Boa constrictor is supplied with a silent firing device. The casing of the 6P72 muffler is made of carbon fiber material, which made it possible to significantly reduce its weight. The product has "a replaceable heat-absorbing element, due to which a low sound level is provided when firing."

"The new pistol fits well in the hand, suitable for both right-handed and left-handed people. It also received a universal Picatinny rail, on which a laser designator or a flashlight is attached," the materials of the concern say.

The length of the Boa constrictor is 206 mm, the weight without cartridges is 780 g, and the magazine capacity is 18 rounds. The pistol is designed to destroy manpower at a distance of up to 100 m, including in body armor of the 2nd class of protection (Br2).

According to the developer, several technical solutions have been implemented in the Boa, which have provided it with advantages over such foreign "classmates" as Glock, Walther or Colt.

In a comment to RT, military expert Maxim Popenker said that in a number of characteristics, the Udav is indeed superior to domestic and Western models. He calls the 6P72 one of the most powerful pistols in the world.

The Boa constrictor has high ballistic qualities. Its cartridges are capable of overcoming Br2 body armor and protective elements made of high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE)," Popenker said.

The expert considers the Boa constrictor pistol to be an effective weapon for combat at close ranges. From Popenker's point of view, the 6P72 is in demand not only among the security forces, but also among the military personnel of the Russian Armed Forces.

"To a large extent, the Udav is tailored to army requirements, including for use by special forces of the Russian Armed Forces, which often require a pistol with a silencer and special silent cartridges. In general, the Boa constrictor will be in demand where a more powerful pistol is needed compared to the Yarygin pistol," Popenker summed up.